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Murray Premises

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Located in the heart of the Water Street Historic District, the Murray Premises is the oldest collection of mercantile buildings in Newfoundland related to the fishing industry. It was built by prominent Waterford merchant Richard O’Dwyer in 1846, but named for Andrew H. Murray, whose company operated the Murray Premises from their construction until

the 1970's. These buildings have witnessed the pageantry of St. John’s history, both tragic and triumphant. Surviving the devastating fire of 1892 that destroyed most of downtown St. John’s, they represent a bygone age, a simpler time.


Visit the Murray Premises and you are transported to that long ago place where merchants and fishermen, aristocrats and adventurers built this city.  The interior construction and decor speak of that time, while displays of vintage photographs tell the story of these historic buildings and the part they played in the growth of St. John’s.

Today the Murray Premises Hotel occupies the greater part of the buildings, while a small collection of restaurants, and small businesses add to the convenience and charm of this National Historic Site of Canada.


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